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Footpaths enable pedestrians to get to and from their place of work or school and move around the community to meet in social, sporting, work or cultural events.

Armitage Contracting Ltd (t/a Armitage Landscapes and Driveways) have the expertise and equipment to construct and repair either asphalt or concrete footpaths for subdivisions, parks and reserves.

Well-constructed, even paths are essential to the safety and convenience of the pedestrians who use them. We deploy professional methodology and sources from various materials to plan, design and construct footpaths that not only meet and exceed the councils legal requirements, but also reflect the aesthetic of the surroundings.

We can construct any types of footpaths found in the market emcompassing

Asphalt paths
Plain concrete paths
Coloured concrete paths
Exposed aggregate paths
Stamped concrete paths
Paved footpaths

Armitage How-to Tips

Tips of caring for your driveway to make it last for the test of time.


Check out our "Before and After" Series

We specialise in complex projects and designs from start to finish.

Before and After is a perfect way to showcase the results we can achieve.

For each project, we have Project Management methodology carefully deployed and the Health and Safety plan is strictly abided by to ensure the "reality" that we're transforming to is very much in line with the "vision" in your mind with quality and process optimised to the highest standard.