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Asphalt Driveways

We Are Asphalt Driveway Experts

As an specialised driveway contractor in Christchurch, our capabilities range from asphalt driveways to all sorts of concrete driveways. Methods, features and requirements for driveways vary according to their materials.

The Beauty of Asphalt Driveways

Asphalt is a high performance option for driveways, crossings, footpaths, car parks etc. Asphalt driveways has a softer look than concrete but with a darker finish. It can be driven over almost immediately following installation.

Basework for Asphalt Driveways

The provision of a correctly designed, formed and compacted aggregate base is critical with a new asphalt surface for strength, stability and long life. We recommend a minimum of 200mm compacted aggregate base for a domestic Asphalt drive. This comprises 3 individually compacted layers 100mm of AP65, 75mm AP40 and 25mm AP20.

As with concrete base work the excavation depth, construction is clegg tested, quality audited and recorded before any new surface is applied. Boxing is 25mm H4 ground treated with pegs at 600mm centres.

Asphalt Driveways

As with concrete, the driveway design will incorporate recommended falls to ensure that driveway drainage occurs and all other driveway design principles apply.

We recommend 25mm AC5 Asphalt mix be utilized for standard domestic driveways. Recommended thickness and asphalt aggregate size can vary in certain situations depending upon load and usage.
Application is crucial for a successful asphalt surface and requires years of experience.

Driveway Crossings

With 200 driveway crossings completed by us, we have accumulated  tremendous experience for your driveway projects.

If it's new, these crossings require council consent and inspections and must be installed as per council requirements (both asphalt and concrete).

It is advantageous for our clients that we provide our own asphalt and concrete services to manage a complete and efficient turnaround. In addition we have placed structural commercial and industrial crossings to council requirements.

Armitage How-to Tips

Tips of caring for your driveway to make it last for the test of time.


Check out our "Before and After" Series

We specialise in complex projects and designs from start to finish.

Before and After is a perfect way to showcase the results we can achieve.

For each project, we have Project Management methodology carefully deployed and the Health and Safety plan is strictly abided by to ensure the "reality" that we're transforming to is very much in line with the "vision" in your mind with quality and process optimised to the highest standard.