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Car park is the first chance to impress your clients which is critical to the brand image and professional presentation of any business.

Armitage Contracting Ltd specialised in constructing and repairing long lasting car parks and large asphalt and concrete grounds for shopping centres, schools, commercial parking areas, tennis court and sports grounds that function exactly the way the designer envisioned.

We have extensive experience and large range of machines and equipment to construct all types of car parking projects either large or small. We deploy robust project management methodology to ensure the highest standard outcome with proven track record whilst eliminating disruption to staff, your customers, and general public in the interest of ongoing business operations.

Amongst our successful car parking project case studies, most of our clients have chosen asphalt which is of our recommendation for its cost-effectivity, time-efficiency in construction and its durability and low maintenance in long run.

Armitage How-to Tips

Tips of caring for your driveway to make it last for the test of time.


Check out our "Before and After" Series

We specialise in complex projects and designs from start to finish.

Before and After is a perfect way to showcase the results we can achieve.

For each project, we have Project Management methodology carefully deployed and the Health and Safety plan is strictly abided by to ensure the "reality" that we're transforming to is very much in line with the "vision" in your mind with quality and process optimised to the highest standard.