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Concrete Driveways

We Are Concrete Driveway Experts

Based in Christchurch, Armitage Contracting Ltd (Armitage Landscapes and Driveways) have accumulated years of experience through numerous landscaping and driveway projects, serving Christchurch and Canterbury for decades.

Besides asphalt driveways, we can accommodate various concrete driveway finishes to suit the aesthetic of your home or building.


All driveways, parking bays and/or vehicle crossings supporting concrete from Armitage will include a 100mm compacted aggregate base and we recommend a minimum of 50mm for paths and patios.

The base is important for the overall structure of the finished drive or surface. Each compacted base is measured, “clegg tested” (or tested for hardness) prior yo surfacing to ensure that our standards are achieved.

All excavations, base work and testing if photographed/recorded and quality audited by our project managers prior to surfacing. Driveway Design, levels, storm water Management Drainage and Compliance.

General Design

The design of the surface and base is critical for a safe, functional, compliant and durable surface.
Armitage will ensure the following:

Set levels against any dwelling are compliant with the building code.

Falls for drainage are recommended Industry Standards. We adhere where possible to the Concrete Contractors Associated Contractors Standards.

Storm water management of surfaces complies with the building code and council standards.


We design, supply and install all types of concrete, including:

  • Plain - Broom, Cove, Roller and Sponge finished
  • Coloured - Liquid and Powder ranges available
  • Exposed Aggregate
  • Standard mixes
  • Special mixes, including non standard stones and oxides
  • Stamped - Limited to stamp mould availability

Concrete extras can include:

  • Reinforcing mesh (Fibre or Steel)
  • Covercrete or modified cement coatings
  • Decorative cuts, negative detail or grouted
  • Decorative edging
  • Steps and landscaping features

We recommend a minimum of 100mm thick 20MPA concrete for domestic driveways patios and paths.

It is advantageous for our clients that we provide our own asphalt and concrete services to manage a complete and efficient turnaround. In addition we have placed structural commercial and industrial crossings to council requirements.

We'll provide not only driveway construction services but also professional advice on how to maintain your concrete driveways.

Armitage Crack Control Design

(Concrete Only)

Concrete can crack for no apparent reason and we cannot guarantee against this.We can however guarantee that we make every effort to design, monitor and apply system and practices to best prevent cracking.

There are several types of cracks that can occur as a result of with insufficient curing conditions and/or insufficient expansion and control joints (of which there are several different types).

Armitage will tailor each design to make use of these systems. Generally this includes control joints against hard or stationary adjacent surfaces, expansion cuts to the recommended depths, placed within the recommended times and inserted or preformed control joints where necessary.

It is also critical that the placement occurs with predicted manageable weather conditions prevailing in the first 24 hours. High, low and wet weather conditions within this will affect curing.

Armitage How-to Tips

Tips of caring for your driveway to make it last for the test of time.


Check out our "Before and After" Series

We specialise in complex projects and designs from start to finish.

Before and After is a perfect way to showcase the results we can achieve.

For each project, we have Project Management methodology carefully deployed and the Health and Safety plan is strictly abided by to ensure the "reality" that we're transforming to is very much in line with the "vision" in your mind with quality and process optimised to the highest standard.