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Excavations and Earthworks Specialists

Armitage Contracting Ltd (t/a Armitage Landscapes and Driveways) has the expertise and equipment necessary for the right excavations and earthworks projects either large or small from commercial foundation excavation to residential driveway excavation. Our excavations and earthworks services include:

Site clearance
Surface excavations
Driveway excavations
Car park excavations
Foundation excavations
Project Management
Flat and sloping terrain excavation
Land leveling
Trenching excavation

Excavating and grading is more complicated than just moving dirt around. Before you start, it’s important to consider the project’s overall objective, its soil content, drainage, building placement and any other challenges.

With our years of experience and specialist equipment, Armitage Contracting Ltd are well practiced at scoping, excavating and project managing the entire process to ensure the highest standard outcomes and customer satisfaction.

We’re able to excavate on flat terrain and in particular we specialise in excavation projects on sloping terrain with proven track record.

We take Health and Safety seriously. All our works are carried out to meet strict Health and Safety rules and regulations at all stages of construction.

Armitage How-to Tips

Tips of caring for your driveway to make it last for the test of time.


Check out our "Before and After" Series

We specialise in complex projects and designs from start to finish.

Before and After is a perfect way to showcase the results we can achieve.

For each project, we have Project Management methodology carefully deployed and the Health and Safety plan is strictly abided by to ensure the "reality" that we're transforming to is very much in line with the "vision" in your mind with quality and process optimised to the highest standard.